About Me

Business Coach & Consultant
Feminine Power Facilitator
Abstract Artist

Who Am I?

I’ve been on a quest for two things my entire life. Truth and Love. 

…..And I found them within. Armed with a wicked sense of humour, part creative-part business soul, multi-passionate and perceiving beyond what many see, I’ve been lost, found and everything in between. An advocate for taking your power back, wholehearted living, a fan of the brave and courageous against the odds, living with lightness and clarity, I don’t believe in being a strong person. I’d rather be real and raw. And I offer to show you how.

From taking myself too seriously and striving for perfection, I have now arrived at a place where love and laughter work for everything. From an airy, intangible idea of spirituality, I have moved to a more grounded spirituality that is so much easier for a person to practise. Having spent 20 years trying to cleanse myself in various ways, I have been there and done it all, from detox cleanses to 40 day meditation camps, crystals and tarot to being a workshop junkie, undergone past life regressions, practised affirmations and mantras, and yet never felt enough. Until I adopted a singular focus of making the shadows of my unconscious, conscious and keep having greater freedom, alignment, truth and love as a result. Having practised this for more than a decade, I endorse this way of living to truly find yourself, your potentials, strengths and how you are here to serve others. 

I unabashedly dive into the deep end, knowing there is light and l keep looking until I find it. Truth and Love fascinate me. They are two sides of the same coin. I love their uncomplicatedness, their zen-ness and unflinching-ness. I am known for my tenacity, fierceness, kindness and compassion. Art, music, creativity, learning, growing, laughter, connections, consciousness, movement, change, business and exploration feed my soul. I am big on sending blessings and miracles, I believe forgiveness is never for anyone else other than freeing the self and I love people’s wonderfully messy lives.

Each and every one has gifts that lie underneath that mess and it thrills me to undertake that journey with them to find that treasure. I want to know you. Everything about you. The more you lay yourself bare, the more we evolve together. You matter to me. My years of work, experiences, wisdom, learning, training, and insights. All packaged with searing hot truth, space, compassion, deep listening, freedom, and strength. We work hard together for “You”.

I invite you to go deep within yourself.
And stay there.​


I grew up a highly energetic, rebellious teenager, trained classical dancer and stage performer in the middle east in the late 1970’s-80’s. An incident of sexual abuse, years of physical abuse, going through the Gulf war of 1990 in Kuwait, losing my home and friends brought me to India at age 14. These early teen experiences created a deep impact on my life for years to come.

My 20’s were punctuated with 8 years in the corporate world doing marketing, sales and branding. A job short stint in New York during 9/11 only further triggered early life traumas. Ridden with post traumatic stress syndrome and depression, I returned to India penniless, jobless and left my then fiance at the altar. Between bouts of alcoholism I began searching for truth and meaning in my life. I was angry, hurt, lost, sad, disconnected and hopeless. Unknown to me at the time, my real spiritual journey had begun and I chose to get clean. At this pivotal point, these choices led me to marry an amazing man at 30 and I made new career choices in therapy and healing seeing my own progress. The third decade of my life laid the foundation of meditation, mindfulness and spirituality as a lifestyle and I alongside created a well established private therapy and coaching practice. I received training and education in various modalities from institutions in India and abroad, I facilitated workshops around India and the world and gave birth to my son. I started my 4th decade with my husband leaving, a divorce, moving out and selling my home, and restarting my life as a single parent and questioning everything yet again. I restructured my career and got specialised in what comes most naturally to me. The search for expressing my highest potential had been realised and it led me to do the work I have built today. I find tremendous joy in business, creativity, authentic expression and supporting others in finding themselves through their work.

Things that many people don’t know about me:

  1. Licensed Paragliding Pilot
  2. Former Indian Classical Dancer & Belly Dancer
  3. Tree hugger
  4. Compulsive animal petter and squealer
  5. Abstract Artist
  6. Published Writer
  7. Teen Roller Skater
  8. Fitness Junkie
  9. Yoga and Ayurveda Student
  10. Travelled to 35 cities in 15 countries
  11. Learnt Pottery
  12. Recovered Addict
  13. Well managed PTSD
  14. On board of directors of a company
  15. Startup Seed Investor
  16. Online Entrepreneur

Formal Training and Education:

  • Feminine-Power Transformational Facilitation by Dr. Claire Zammit, supported by Marianne Williamson, Dr. Jean Houston, Debbie Ford and Deepak Chopra.
  • Mind-Body-Eating-Coaching from The Institute of Eating Psychology, Oregon, USA
  • Mindfulness Facilitation from the centre for Positive Psychology, Netherlands
  • Positive Psychology from the centre for Positive Psychology, Netherlands
  • Meaning and Valued Living from the centre for Positive Psychology, Netherlands
  • Bach Flower Remedy from Bach Institute, UK
  • Copy Cure by Marie Forleo
  • Online Business for Coaches and Facilitators by Jeanine Blackwell
  • The Shadow and Archetypes by Carolyne Myss and Andrew Harvey
  • Conscious Manifestation by Eckhart Tolle
  • Shadow Training and Centering Masterwork from Scott Jeffery (based on Transpersonal Psychology and Taoism)
  • Matrix Energetics by Dr. Richard Bartlett
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression from California Hypnosis Institute of India
  • Access Consciousness Facilitator Training by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer
  • Joy of Business Facilitator training by Simone Milasas
  • Right Voice For You Facilitator training by Blossom Benedict
  • Emotional Freedom Technique from Vitality College, UK
  • Matrix Re-imprinting from Vitality College, UK
  • Tai Chi and Medical Qi Gong from Sewangee, India
  • Hatha Yoga Training and Principles of Ayurveda from Kaivalyadham

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