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Igniting Potentials for women in business and creativity
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You don't have to do this alone.

Do great work that creates impact and makes profit.

You’ve waited a long time.

Start that business now.
Launch that creative project.
Broadcast that podcast.
Write that book.
Teach that thing you do.

Becoming the woman you know you can be.

With other ambitious and conscious women supporting and rooting for you. Including me.

You’ve seen other women do it and often wondered how. You can journey this alone, or have someone who has been there done that, who coaches many like you, have support and guide you. The successful ones you see have rarely done this alone. They have had people who believed in them, in their greatness and potential.

You deserve that. Being supported by a highly specialised coach to clear away your confusion, frustration and feeling lost and get you started with a clear plan and path” going forward. Someone who leads you to discover what is the greatest about you and coaches you how to monetize it. You’ve waited your entire life for this. Start your great work now.

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Why Work With Me?

Like me, you're curious to know what else you can do, what else is within you that can be nurtured to support or serve others, what is beyond your passion and gifts, who are you really and what are you capable of, if supported in the right way, can become the greatest work you have ever done.

Like me, you want it all. To impact others, to create something that makes a difference to others, to contribute, to grow, to evolve, to be creative, to have the best of you out there. And express your authentic voice in the world, from a space of true power within you, to have a lot of fun and make profit while doing it.

And just like you, I struggled for years to find my own space in the world and felt lost, frustrated and overwhelmed. Finally, a new wisdom emerged through the years of struggle and it invited me to harness what I am naturally great at instead of running behind short lived passions.

Today I have a thriving 7 figure coaching business, I am an exhibiting artist, published writer, start up investor and on the board of directors of a company.

I am here to show you how to do all this and more. 

Skip the years of heartache, wasted time, money and energy and start living out your highest purpose, get clear and focussed with me now.

What Can I do For You?

I can ignite your potentials. Potentials, because you are way more than just one thing. I see in you what you don’t see in you yet, and I nurture it till you see it. Then I coach you on how to nurture yourself and grow your potentials, talents, gifts and abilities. Whether it’s creating your life’s greatest work, stepping into your authentic power, expressing yourself in the world, having your voice being heard, your relationships, your business, creativity or just You.

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Client Love

*A few names have been changed to protect the identity of my beloved clients at their request, but their testimonials and love remain authentic.

Vinita Sharma

Healer & Coach
I have known Aditi Nirvaan since 2012 when I did a workshop with her. An excellent facilitator and a very patient and charming teacher. I loved the way she took us through these workshop days. Each session was so deep and profound and crystal clear. I felt a positive energy shift which took me to another level altogether. Gratitude.

Sunita Nahta

“Wonderful program with a lot of clarity on areas of our life. Your vision towards your life increases. Everything becomes more clear and real. Life becomes more simple”.

Bhartte Kapoor

Astrologer, Numerologist, Vaastu Consultant & Healer
She is phenomenal. I love the way she tells you the being you are.

Dr. Karuna Kapil

Dentist, Shaman & Healer
Aditi has been instrumental in my journey in a very positive & motivational way. I had the privilege of working with her and that itself was deeply moving. She is clear in her words & actions, to the point & compassionate to begin with methodical yet free spirit. Rest all I would say - go find for yourself, and you will be amazed I am sure.

Reshma Jagasia

She is phenomenal, deeply benefited. I would highly recommend her.


"Aditi Is someone I have seen over the last 3 years, beautiful.. powerful.. potent energy. This is the tangible shift I have seen and experienced in this beautiful being who has been a huge contribution to me. Every conversation with her opens up so much in my space... the magician that she is. She exudes strength for me. It is a beautiful tangible difference I have felt. The conversations with her are therapeutic and the awareness she brings up makes things so simple and easy to deal with. No nonsense.. no drama.. beautiful energy who held my hand when I needed it the most even though she barely knew me. Thank you for the love & warmth, and the light you are. Deepest Gratitude"

Kausar K

Life coach, Shaman & Healer
"Generally, one tends to get different perspectives of people when you see them and then meet them in person. It isn't the same with Aditi! Whether she's seen you or met you or just been in the same room with you, her level of awareness about you reaches those depths of you that even you're not aware of most often. That was my experience with her! Her laughter and her silence speak ... even in those moments, she is doing her magic on you. Oh but, are you willing to receive that from her? It'll hit you like nothing has before!"

Prasuk S

"Aditi is one the most dynamic and energetic facilitators. Her way of facilitation is very simple and easy. I have done a lot of classes with her and each of them has helped me to step into my greatness. She is very knowledgeable and profound. I would recommend her to everyone. Your life will definitely change. As I have changed mine."


Life Coach
"In the presence of Aditi you will very easily receive a shower of awareness, in case you require it or are looking for it. Also, clarity in unexpected corners of every aspect of your life which you don't even have an idea that can work differently. In any facilitation Aditi is gifting her valuable knowing and highly presence, empowering you to be the same or greater. What else is possible for you who are reading this? What magic contribution can Aditi be to you and your life? Thank you Aditi!"

Kavita K

Healer & Shaman
"Aditi - A friend, guide ,facilitator, healer and above all an incredible woman! I met her at a class facilitated by her a few years ago. I definitely saw there was so much more to her multidimensional work that I could receive from her. I was awed by her awareness and articulating manner in which she conducted her classes. She definitely heals with her words in times of distress and not to forget her ever giving nature and allowance that she holds in everything she does. I always looked forward to her sessions and classes and it has definitely brought a change in my life! Always Grateful for the gift she's been and contributed so much to my life!"

Roma M

Home maker
"Life is always full of changes and you creating it with your own choice is what you will get the energy of when you will be with Aditi .. Aditi, is an amazing being who really knows how to take out the best of u with total ease.. Her effortless transitions, complete awareness and deeper dives into her experience all serves to validate her credibility as a subject matter expert. She is a gem of a person who contributes a lot in your life be it in classes or whenever you are in any doubt.. Thanks for opening up a world of possibilities for me with your great input .. Have done many and looking forward to many classes ahead with you and your positive energies around .. Much gratitude"

Shalini G.

Corporate CHRO
My association with Aditi began while I was grappling with a situation of conflict with a top stakeholder in my organisation, she not just patiently heard me but within the first 15 minutes of our call I felt a shift in my mind-set to look differently at the situation and people with a whole new perspective. Her ability to connect and communicate effectively was obvious when she highlighted a personal aspect in my personality and what got me surprised was the clarity that hit me.This helped me become more confident and accountable for my own self and her simple tips as part of personal strategy plan keeps guiding me till today"

Vishal Jain

Creative content writer
I took energetic healing and therapy work from Aditi after a steady succession of bad life choices where I ended up being diagnosed with an STD. Few hours after our conversation, I felt like someone took my "down in the dumps" energy and brought it to the top of the highest mountain. My self doubt and guilt was replaced with self-compassion and greater understanding about the lessons present in my current situation. I felt the kind of confidence I hadn't felt in a decade. I know this sounds like an exaggeration but it isn't. I was absolutely stunned by this dramatic shift. That day, I felt more alive, more me, more happy and more in charge than I had in several years. Can't wait for this gift to be shared with others. Aditi is someone I can speak to about anything and be assured that there will be zero judgement. And I have tonnes of gratitude towards her for being there and helping me in a seemingly magical way!

Amanda W.

Homemaker & mother
I was stuck in a marriage where I didn't feel love anymore, my spouse was addicted, I was drained, and I felt lonely and unsupported, managing a family for the last 15 years. I was fed up and I saw no way out. I met Aditi in 2015 and from there on it has been like opening little packages of new parts of myself. and now, I feel like a whole new person. Even though I don't have the same issues anymore I came to her with, I continue my sessions with her as I now run a business and have effectively learnt to manage my marriage and I like moving forward with the authenticity and clarity she helps me have. I can't imagine what I would have done without her. Lots more people need to know about this magic she weaves. Such a blessing!

Ruchika Karbandha

Home maker & Mother
In my mid 40's I felt I had devoted most of my life to my husband and kids. I didn't even know who I was anymore. I got to know of Aditi through my sister in Mumbai who had been going to her and I saw some huge changes in her. Within a month of coaching, Aditi helped me get clarity on what I truly wanted to do, and get over the b.s of who I thought I was. I didn't even know I was tired of playing this role! She encouraged me and I felt I grew wings. I am now learning new things and I feel young, positive and hopeful for a great future thanks to her!

Gauri Dhiman

Content Writer
“I can't thank my stars enough for Aditi, she is astoundingly phenomenal. She made me come to know myself for the very first time. I feel so liberated as the lie I had been living for the past 20 years, I had the nerve to finally acknowledge it. She is an amazing being who facilitated me to find things on my own rather than telling me all by herself. I feel empowered as I could acknowledge my awareness about how I always knew something is going on in me but could never see it. Being vulnerable was one of the most frightening yet gratifying things I ever did-it set me free. I got the courage to do this from Aditi and I would always be thankful to her for being that gift to me.”

Shilpa Alay Nainani

“As I write to you I look back at my progress as an individual. I have always looked up to you for your authenticity and boldness to own up to who you are. The most beautiful part is the fact that even the deepest and intense topics are shared with such lightness that it makes it possible for anyone to adapt, learn, and evolve. There is pragmatism and realism to it. Your own life experiences make it even more relatable. I learn a lot about me, through you. In gratitude :)”

Priya Ganwani

Corporate Employee
“Aditi Nirvaan is an incredible woman and therapist. She is a great listener and totally gets where I’m coming from. I have never had to explain myself to her, she has just always got it. Bang on! She doesn’t presume anything which is so liberating and cool. And she is totally my safe space. I’ve been able to talk about some very (very) personal traumas with her without any feeling of shame or overwhelmingness by the weight and meaning of its truth. She creates this amazing space where all sharing is possible in the most effortless ways and then amazing things happen every session with her has led to breakthroughs in this journey of self work. She is a super awesome counsellor, coach, therapist and mentor to me. She is authentic, real, rooted in reality and always (always!!) has my back. She is really good at what she does. I highly recommend her.”

Jigyasa Taneja Sethi

Filmmaker & Screenwriter
“Aditi is a forthright, creative therapist with experience and bandwidth to address concerns and issues of her clients ranging from trauma, relationships to self belief and motivation. Her commitment to helping us women in our 40’s gives a solid foundation and intent to her work which is individual based and backed by helpful references and tools she shares regularly. It is liberating to interact with her and even her strictness where needed is useful in keeping the goal of self growth paramount. I look forward to learning and growing with her as she shares relatable and true aspects from her own experiences while focussing on mine at the same time. With Aditi one is working in an honest space and taking on the task of addressing fears to bring out our true peaceful dynamic selves that we crave and strive for. Thank you for your promptness, insight and help always! Love your articles and your voice too! And I am committing more to my work and myself step by step!”

Anushikha Sanghi

“I have had the absolute pleasure of having Aditi as a mentor, guide and philosopher who has held my hand and my heart throughout this soul awakening process of igniting these hidden talents within me.. I wasn’t aware that I could become a podcaster and have my voice heard by many people as I am a very shy person intrinsically.. She has shown me the path by using her inner wisdom and intuition which has been totally bang on from the get go !! I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher or as Aditi very emphatically says ‘anti-guru’ as she has moulded and nurtured the true inner me and has brought this creative side which I myself didn’t know existed out in the open to be explored to my highest potential.. What Aditi offers is what very few can deliver in this field.. she’s truly one of a kind and she makes you the star of your own show with the utmost of humility and modesty.. I can’t stop recommending or raving about her in each and every way!!”

Yukta Mookhey

Miss India 1999, Miss World 2000
“From the time I have interacted with Aditi, I have observed her words flow out of the wisdom of her own experiences. What is really remarkable is that she has the ability to bring it forth with humor and compassion. This speaks to me greatly of a woman who is accomplished and yet can meet you where you are at. Gathering from her life’s journey she is able to offer the right guidance at the right time. This balance of masculine and feminine energies is what makes her approach unique. Shining light only on what must be addressed, strikes a deep chord within me. I wish her the very best as she has been there in ways I may not be able to articulate always. Some such gems are always etched in our souls. Thank you Aditi for showing women where their power belongs.”

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