Optimising Creative Potential for Performance Artists and Expressive Artists

Most creative people feel blocked and stuck.
With this coaching program, learn how to flow effortlessly in your creative pursuits
without the fear of being blocked.
Many artists are powerful, creative and sensitive people who feel unseen, unheard and unacknowledged. This leads creatives to become more reclusive and be blocked in their creative flow.

Creative Flow is a program that liberates the inner creative and creates a safe space for you to fully express yourself with no judgement, allowing you to fulfil your creative potential as a performer, expression artist, writer, craftsman, and much more.

We understand your cost of being a blocked creative, open that up and get you into states of flow to allow your being to express itself. With Mind Hacks and Self Awareness, we gently guide you to your path in being seen and heard in the world, to be yourself fully and create unstoppably.

Creative Flow is based on 2500 year old practices taught in monasteries and in the last decade backed by science. A perfect combination of wellness, mindfulness, self awareness, a clear path and system to propel you forward into your best age.

Creative Flow is best suited for closeted creatives, Sensitives or Highly Sensitive Empaths (HSE’s), Performance Artists (dancers, actors, directors, stage performers and so on), and Creative Expression Artists (writers, painters, craftsmen, designers, etc).
  • Mapping the Creative Process
  • Creative Personality type
  • Fulfilling Your Creative Potential
  • The 7 Creative Agreements
  • Creative Flow and Flow states
  • High Performance Triangle
  • Flow Triggers - Individual and Group
  • The Challenge Skill Balance
  • The Creative Process and Hacking it
  • Hacking the Grind, Hacking the Mind
  • When Stuff goes wrong
  • The High Perch Experience
  • Feeding the Creative Trigger
  • Your Daily Creative Flow Map
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