Business Coaching for Wellness Services

Get Consistent Clients is a highly customised group business coaching program designed for wellness service providers to start and scale their business for impact and profit.

We help coaches, healers, trainers, consultants and wellness service providers
scale their business and reach out to their ideal audience, create impact,
grow their business and create systems that bring clients consistently
without feeling overwhelmed, confused or lost.

The last Business Coaching Program you will ever need.

Whether it’s selecting the perfect niche for you, understanding your ideal audience, learning how to connect and communicate with them, creating products and services that open their hearts and wallets for you, designing your product and services range, creating courses, creating an impact with your work, social media training, stepping up your game and doing your life’s greatest work, Get Consist Client Offers you a foundation training to succeed and reach your business milestones.

Get Consistent Clients System

Gain access to our proven proprietary system of tools and methodology to start and scale your business

Group Coaching

Implement these tools and frameworks in a group setting with like minded business owners, network, leverage each other and create an accountable system to reach your business goals.

The Right Business Coach Makes a Difference

With over 18 years wellness experience, a successful offline and online business, an entrepreneur, a start up investor, on board of directors of a company, an award winning coach recognised internationally, Aditi brings you the leverage experience, training and frameworks to scale your business to six and seven figures.
Success Stories


School Staff to Self Love Coach
From where i should start? A random call and everything changed.

Aditi is a person who can help you in getting clarity and deeper understanding of your business. I was always in a rush she asked me to walk slowly with her and i gained more clarity about my niche.

The way she holds your hand is just mind blowing. Her sessions are specially designed as per requirement. She is a knowledgeable person with a huge experience of life.

She has given much more than what i was expecting. Helped me in creating my product , packaging and finally how to sell and market. Anyone struggling please approach and her without giving a second thought.

She is also a great human being .

Bhartte Kapoor

Healer, Shaman, Astro-Numerologist
Bhartte had been pottering with essential oils as a healing system for over 15 years but never had the confidence to get out there. With this coaching program, within 8 weeks Bhartte launched her own brand of essential oils for mental, emotional and spiritual health named Souls Voice, from skin to soul and has now received acclaim from some of Bollywood’s famous stars for her products.

What She Said:
“We were all over the place. Friends and family we gifted our products to loved them but that was not a business. We had no idea how to do this. With Aditi’s Coaching, in 6-8 weeks, we had our products branded and ready for launch. The website went up quickly and we started selling and we never looked back. Although this program is designed for wellness service providers, we knew it would also help us with the essential oils products and we were right. Aditii helped us bring all the elements of business together and she sees what we don’t see including the potential. There is so much to learn from her and you rarely get people in wellness who are great at wellness and the business of it. Don’t think so much. Just dive in. it’s more than worth it.”


Corporate Emcee to Creative and Presenting Coach
A creative, enthusiastic soul, Shilpa wanted to make use of her 17 years experience of being a corporate emcee and take it to a national platform. In the midst of the program she presented for the release of a large Bollywood film and today she has created a program for those who desire to present on stage without the fear of public speaking. On Stage is now for anyone who wishes to speak on a public platform. Shilpa also undertakes art mural projects in her free time.

What she said:
“Being multi-hyphenated with a myriad of interests, i was unable to pick a niche for myself. Coaching with aditi helped me realise and understand my underlying desire for creativity & art. Something that i had been unwilling to see & accept.

Aditi's straight and no-nonsense yet gentle talk, her own clarity & willingness to support others in their journey of entrepreneurship, and the warmth of an artist that she embodies - all these work together to give coaches & passionate enthusiasts a platform to rediscover their innermost desires and work towards accomplishing it. She handholds you in this journey from desiring something & actually living it.”

Anushikha Sanghi

Housewife to Podcaster and Channel
Married to a highly acclaimed mythological fiction writer, Anushikha was comfortable being a housewife and mother for over 25 years. She had lately started to feel the need to create something of her own but was very confused about it. Through the coaching she discovered her deep talents and gifts for being a auto writing channel and a podcaster and today she manages both with tremendous joy.

What she said:
“I have had the absolute pleasure of having Aditi as a mentor, guide and philosopher whose held my hand and my heart throughout this soul awakening process of igniting these hidden talents within me.. I wasn’t aware that I could become a pod caster and have my voice heard by many people as I am a very shy person intrinsically.. She has shown me the path by using her one inner wisdom and intuition which has been totally bang on from the get go !! I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher or as Aditi very emphatically says ‘anti-guru’ as she has moulded and nurtured the true inner me and has brought this creative side which I myself didn’t know existed out in the open to be explored to my highest potential.. What Aditi offers is what very few can deliver in this field.. she’s truly one of a kind and she makes you the star of your own show with the utmost of humility and modesty.. I can’t stop recommending or raving about her in each and every way !!”
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