A system for reclaiming your day, your time,
your energy and 10X your productivity.

For those who want more out of life and work but don’t know where to start.
Design and turbo boost your day, your year and your life with Flow X.
Flow X works best for Founders, Entrepreneurs, CXO’s and Business Owners 
Imagine waking up every morning for the next year knowing the exactly steps you need to take daily to achieve the life you want.

Most people want more and yet never achieve it. Even though you may be considered to be a success, there’s many miles still left in you to achieve. But the way you’ve been living isn’t working anymore and you’d like to trim out things that are contributing to that. But how do you get streamlined and focussed? What exact changes will you need to make so you not only achieve your goals but thrive while doing it instead of burning out.

Flow X is based on 2500 year old practices taught in monasteries and in the last decade backed by science. A perfect combination of wellness, mindfulness, self awareness, a clear path and system to propel you forward into your best age.

Flow X works best for Leaders, Founders, Entrepreneurs, CXO’s and Business Owners
  • Gain Clarity in Your Life’s Design - Goal Direction, Go where you look
  • Optimising Physical and Mental Health to Reclaim Yourself First.
  • Box Breathing and Attention Training
  • Magical Mornings and Power Hour
  • The Challenge Skill Balance
  • Winning Your Day, Your Year, Your Life
  • Optimising Your Digital Life
  • Ways to 10X Your Productivity
  • Mastering Gratitude, Resilience and Grit
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome (a psychological occurrence in which an individual doubts their skills, talents, or accomplishments and has a persistent internalised fear of being exposed as a fraud.)
  • Defining Success, Happiness, Peace and Mindfulness For You
  • Taming Your Distracted Mind
  • Hacking the Grind, Hacking the Mind
  • 10 Keys to Becoming an Influential Leader
  • The High Perch Experience
  • High Performance Triangle
  • Flow Triggers - Individual and Group
  • Flow MacGyver Method
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