An 82 year old woman from South India, Kamalathaal made the news a few days ago. Everyone in the twitterverse applauded her “business venture” of making truly affordable idlis and selling them at a humble Re.1. She trended for some 24 hours. That’s a mighty long spell in twitterland. Kamalathaal lives on the outskirts of Coimbatore, she cooks thousands of idlis everyday for people who walk almost 20-25 kms to have it. She shows up for those who show up. Many people offered to pay for basic amenities like gas, food raw material, etc. People showed up in drones to support!

Like her, there are heart-opening stories of people in all parts of the world who serve others selflessly and for nothing in return. Well… what seems to be for nothing. The one thing they all have in common, is the thought “this must be done, if I don’t do it, I don’t know if anyone else will and I am not waiting to find out.” A sincere commitment to themselves to take on the task of providing for others, be it food, a service, care taking, or anything else, and doing it diligently, almost feverishly.

We call them angels. There is a spark of divinity ignited in these angels, which they themselves do not see. They are too busy contributing. And in that innocent unknowingness of their own spark, they spark the same divinity within us. Or a sense of shame that gets spotlighted. Whatever we have more of. Or we choose to have. These angelic doers are busy, doing what they do, oblivious to the chatter around about their divine deeds, they start to stack up love, gratitude, showers of blessings, support and admiration of the non doers.

But most of all, they are spreading a spark igniting mechanism. Divinity begets just more of it. We see what becomes possible within us as human beings. Being the only creatures on this planet who can consciously create, assist, support, aid, care for others through complex means, we are indeed one step closer to god, it’s divinity within easy reach if you ask me. Where other animals have demonstrated this and some are even trained to do it, we extend the same feelings towards them as we do for these divine people.

In the opening up of our eyes to this divinity, we evoke something that didn’t exist before. To give love and blessings freely to others being of support, becomes a creation of a powerful force. It’s like a bank account that accrues only credit over time. And blessings is the currency. It’s probably the most amazing unaccounted wealth one can ask for. Who would have thunk?

This powerful creation of the wealth of blessings is unaccounted for because those people whose names those accounts are in, are not invested in it. That’s not their purpose. A beautiful lesson to mere mortals like us who are ever hungry for virtual likes on social media. Ugh.

I have no idea what my blessings balance looks like. But I’d like to start stacking up the credits. Ever wonder yours? One way to find out is to have a sense of how many people would come to defend you when your chips are down or you are facing adversity. How many would stand up for you, vouch for you or even fight for you. Whether you lit up their life or they saw you light up someone else’s.

We recognise the spark of divinity when we see it. It simply means if you see it in others its there in you. It warms us, bring tears of joy to our eyes, yes, that same mushy feeling and our heart space expands with possibilities of true human connection, contribution and oneness. We realize that we all are the same. We all need others and they need us. Beyond skin, caste, creed, state or sex. The spark of divinity brings souls together. Our true purpose comes alive and plants a seed that then only you can choose to water.

That is being human.

What are you choosing to ignite that divine spark and build your unacknowledged and unaccounted wealth today? And I wonder how that can contribute to you and chance you as a person?


Aditi Nirvaan

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