DIET 2020, lose it all this year.

Happy New Year. Let’s lose it all now.

Everything you have never wanted to be, do, feel, say, eat, engage and connected to.

It is the year of no nonsense. The time to sharpen, shave off, stave off, stay away, unload and finally draw your boundaries.

DIET2020 is not just about what you consume in terms of food and drink. I refer to everything that nourishes you. Experiences, People, Places, Life Purpose, States of Being, Spaces, Books, Education …pretty much anything you consume via your senses and body. Tis’ the season to be judicious, picky and choosy about what you want. In short, being crystal clear.

The Being You Diet2020

What is it about you that is not working anymore? Lack of focus? Procrastination? Not committed enough? Tolerate too much crap from others? All of the above? Some more in addition to this?

Put pen to paper and write down what you would like to trim out and become a better version of yourself. There may be some qualities that seem not contributive, such as impatience or being selfish and I’d ask you to take a look at whether these serve you. Instead of writing them from a judgment perspective, view them from whether these questions below:

Does this quality serve you or diminish you?

Would being this way take you where you want to go?

Does this hurt you or others? And how?

Are there any reasons you would still like to have this quality and why?

The Being You Diet2020 is about clearing up the clutter that floats around you and stops your progress. Trimming the excess fat off of you can ensure that you are lean enough to move forward swiftly, speedily and in a way that serves not just you, but all others as well. There may be some qualities that may have a downsize but are there for the greater good. Compassion has a downside. We become suckers for people that desire to take away from us. There is a chance of being cheated when we are a bit too compassionate. So, add the quality of awareness there. Be discerning about the others and where to apply compassion, to whom and to what degree. This too is a critical part of the Diet2020.

What you really NEED to do is spend a significant part of your time alone. Get to know yourself all over again.

I suggest doing the following activities alone for a few days:

  • Eating lunch/dinner at a restaurant
  • Personal Shopping (not groceries)
  • Taking walks to a park or beach
  • Watching a movie in a theatre
  • Cook a new dish for yourself
  • Go to a play/ stand-up comedy/ open mic/ concert
  • Check out an art gallery or a photo exhibition

These are some ways you begin to discover what a really cool person you really are. There is something about “inclusion” when you are out by yourself. Since you aren’t focussed on engaging with a familiar bunch of people, you are more open to observing others around you, being kind or warm towards strangers and well… I don’t want to tell you everything. I’d rather you experience this and share with me later what this felt for you.

Just focus on discovering who the real you are.

The Circle of People Diet2020

This one may be a toughie for you, if you like people a LOT. Get real about the people in your life. I have written a bit about this before. This may seem a tad selfish, but associate with people that you know you can grow and evolve with. I’ve had a tough couple of years in this area. Having to trim my friendship goals and get on a diet of people who are as committed to evolving as I am or more. You can apply this to friends, business / office colleagues, relatives, neighbours, anyone else that you consider to be connections.

  • How does one do this?
  • Are they different now than what they were a year or two ago in terms of growing/evolving?
  • Are they friends or frenemies? (Get honest about this one)
  • Is it a two-way street between you two? Is the give and take balanced? It need not be the same things; they may contribute in different areas from what you do.
  • Are you committed enough with each other to put your differences behind you, apologise and move on as if nothing has happened?
  • Are they caring? Or are they controlling?
  • Who drains you? Who energizes you?

Why is trimming your circle of people so critical?

Have you heard of the old adage “who you hang out with determines what you become”? Well it’s not verbatim, but you get the idea. It is indeed so. We are all impacted and affected by the thoughts, feelings, voices and expressions of others. If those in our circle aren’t vibrating at the frequency that we desire to remain at, it’s futile associating with them. And you do not need to hack it off or go cold turkey on anyone. Distancing yourself, being kind and respectful, being deeply aware of your differences and accepting that it does not match at this point and one never knows what the future holds, leaving it open to change is the best way forward. It’s the most compassionate way to handle this tricky scenario. I’ve had friends for 25 plus years who I distanced myself from and I responded when they texted but in a minimal yet kind way that I am taking more time for myself now. Blocking people is immature and works against you in the long run and it comes from a space of fear more than understanding.

The Productivity Diet 2020

Oh yes. The one where you kick your own a**. Get to work!!! Oh, there is so much trimming of fat required here. There are hundreds of apps, books, blogs and material out there on how to be more productive so I am sure you do not need a lesson on that from anyone. But what I can tell you is something very simple. Just choose it.

If you aren’t choosing it, no amount of external coaching can help you. You could possibly do an energetic PhD in it but you still would be productive if you do not choose it. What is choosing it? Simply doing it.

My favourite example is this. Do you feel its urgency to get to it? Like when you got to go to the bathroom. Do you read about it? Research it? Buy books to know how to do it? Or contemplate / ponder / dream about how you will feel good when you have gone to the bathroom? What do you do when you want to get to the bathroom? You choose it! You get up, go and do it. Just that. Keep it as simple as that. With the same level of action, focus and commitment to yourself with no distractions whatsoever. Lose the distractions and you know your pet ones. The all-time favourites. Keep that phone away, distance yourself from Netflix and it’s likes, no social media and YouTube cat and dog videos, stop following people on social media and start following pages and groups that inspire you. Trim, Trim Trim!

The Food Diet2020

Yes, finally. Whether you are plant-based eater or a ketogenic fan or a paleo diet follower, whatever it maybe. Please remember the basics of these kinds of diet. Everything is a fad. The weight stays off as long as you are on a fad diet. Anything other than what you should be eating, protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals, water and some fats. The ratio of these food groups is something that you need to do trial and error with and keep getting blood tested to figure out what you are lacking and what is working. Allow yourself time. We are mostly in a rush to lose the weight. The weighing scale only shows you a number that indicates the work of gravity on your body and does not necessarily equate health.

A weighing scale does not show you your true health, muscle mass, bone density, hormonal balance, the nutritive value of the food you consume, your stress levels, physical injuries, the actual age of your muscular and skeletal structure (people in 40’s have a body of a 60 year old at times), how much calories you burn when sleeping or resting (BMR or basal metabolic rate), BMI (Body mass index or your fat vs muscle ratio) and so many other things.

So throw that weighing scale out as it plays more on your psyche than actually doing anything to help you with being healthier.  Eat what you ate when you were a kid. Play what you played when you were a kid. It’s your body’s natural zone and it will start to get lean just doing this. It gave you joy then and it will give you joy now. Get leaner and fitter vs. losing weight by weighing scale. Eat balanced meals. Exclusion of a food group equals excluding nutrition. Go by nutritive value than just calories or portion sizes. Ensure you are getting all your food groups by the week.

The Nourishment Diet2020

This one is everything other than food. It is creativity, creation, manifesting, actualizing, moving forward, expansion, creating possibilities and opportunities, the stuff that inspires you and makes your soul dance with joy. It includes everything that you as a human being are designed to do that the animal and plant kingdom isn’t. The stuff that makes us different and puts us on top of the food chain. The supposed reason why we are the only ones that evolve in spirit as we evolve in body and mind. The ones that get enlightened. That emote. That create. Nourishment isn’t about food. That’s nutrition.

Nourishment is the fulfilment of the being. Love, creativity, expression are forms of nourishment.  Watching a beautiful painting come to life nourishes, birthing a baby nourishes, writing to share with others nourishes (why do you think I do this every week? Ha!) and so on. What will be your nourishment diet in 2020? What would you love to feed your soul and make you dance with joy? What have you wanted to do for so long but “didn’t have time for”?  How many more years will you wait to get to it? What conditions have you put to not doing it now?  Not enough time? Money? How can you make it unconditional now? Are you waiting for it to go from a to-do list to a bucket list? Waiting to come alive only when you are going to die? When?

The beginning of a decade seems like a good place to start. The “shunya” or zero in 2020 is a special invitation to come back down to the basics. Strip yourself down of everything not needed anymore. Get to shunya yourself. Come down to zero.  The end of the decade and the start of a new one is a delicious transition time. Before the date shows 2021, get to the diet you have always wanted for yourself. Now’s a good a time as any, honestly and you alone know what you were waiting for. Now you don’t need to anymore. Just do it.


Aditi Nirvaan

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