Practicality, a crutch for the weak Hearted

You will never be extraordinary. Or even ordinary. You will try to fit somewhere in between, a place called “accepted by society”.

Practicality, for all its superfluousness, is actually the very thing that can hold you back from reaching those extra miles of amazingness.

Say in a conversation you go “oh I have to be practical you know, I have rent to pay and kids to raise” and they nod in agreement, because that’s what they know, that’s what they agree with and you fit into their world of what’s supposed to be done and how right it is.

And EVERYONE gets it. And it’s ok till you need to survive. It’s not when it starts defining you. And pray to tell, if you ever left practicality, you’d be labeled “weird”, because that’s a word you judgementally assign to a person whose rules of living, you do not comprehend.

Practicality, the torturer of your fragile dreams, the executioner of your spirit, the judge of your morality, the stealer of your boundless joy, the mantra of fearful living.

Practicality does not allow us to do anything within the rules of its huge world occupied by the maximum populous. If we deem it important, we use it as the crutch of our greatest fears and limitations.

Being practical becomes an excuse to never do. Never fly. Never break free.

I am practical = Society defines me.

Loosely translated to: I choose to stay limited as I am shit scared of finding out how amazing and great I can truly be and I want to desperately fit in with people who love me else I will lose them and I will not know what to do with myself then.

 We don’t fear our failures, we fear our greatness and practicality is it’s the biggest killer. 

The greatest artists, creators, innovators, change-makers, name makers, influencers were never practical. They were weird. But then you want weird. We all want weird. But we don’t choose it. We remain practical.

Weird – a thriving place where limitations, what’s right and acceptable is replaced by sheer power of vision, creativity, being out of the box and comfort zones, edge of innovation, daring to be great, thrilling joy seeing your soul voice to the world and most of all being yourself by breaking the shackles of toeing the lines.

And only a few shall choose weird over practicality. Till our fears aren’t seen as unreal and our dreams seem to be only visions dancing in our head, we remain, for eternally bound by our fittingness into other people’s world of acceptable.

 Here is a break out of jail card, for free. 

“Today I permit myself to break out of the jail of practicality I have put myself in till eternity. I absolve myself of its sentence and I shall be restored to my soul, wholly and fully till I am as weird as I can be and it’s the only way to wake up humanity, for each one of to embrace our inner weird”


Aditi Nirvaan

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