Taking up more space

Our bodies betray us. It is the largest part of us that shows everything within, to the outside world. Look at kids. Their bodies are natural, powerful and occupy a space that comes from being totally aligned to who they are meant to be. They don’t slouch or have smart phone-dumb neck syndrome, their feet have the right curves and when they stand up straight, they are in power. They take up space. With their bodies and their energy. An entire house can run around what they want. It’s what we are naturally born with. Power.

Have you been a nerd or hung around one? I was a nerd in school. Not academically. But I was curious, weird, wore thick glasses, skulked along the walls of the corridors wishing to not be seen, balanced a ton of books between my hands and chin coming back from the library down the road, lay upside down on the couch and read books, my body slouched, neck hurt and I presented myself “less than”, in every possible way. So I overcame it with confidence in my mind. I developed knowledge and made it my weapon and the presentation of myself to the world. I still do. But I am not apologetic for it anymore. What I missed out on was knowing my body, using it to be and feel powerful, to be willing to have my body be like a child’s…to occupy more space unapologetically. To be willing to be seen and heard because I was aligned with who I am.

Studies have shown that various body positions can actually rewire your brain and change your moods. If you are feeling sad or insecure, just correcting your spine, cradling your head in your neck softly, rotating your shoulders back and keeping the chest open, changes the neurochemistry. You start to feel more open. There are open postures and closed postures. Closed are ones with crossed arms, slouching, droopy shoulders, etc. These are postures that occupy less space. Open postures are where your body is willing to be more, greater and it allows you to “occupy more space”.

I have encountered people who are almost apologetic for existing. They have the saddest body postures. They embody weakness (low mood and immunity), no confidence, feeling like a victim and being sorry for anything and everything. When we start to correct the body postures, the effect of even simply having to remember to do so, starts to change the neural pathways in the brain. Why do we find people in the defense forces so attractive? They are willing to unapologetically occupy more space and yet can make themselves invisible when the time comes to do so. Why are athletes or yoga or tai chi practitioners so attractive to us? Their postures are open, and they are willing to be seen and heard and that shines through.

Why are we having this conversation today? Because we would like to use every possible thing at our disposal to feel better about who we are. To realize that we exist and we add value to the world, each of us is a worthy contributor and if aligning our bodies means aligning our selves to our souls, then let’s have that, shall we? To be willing to occupy more space in the world is a sign of knowing yourself and presenting yourself unabashedly and vulnerably for the purpose of serving those who need you. To be able to showcase your abilities, talents, and capacities without excuse. To stand up and shine.

Allow your body to betray your true being. To allow your body to be the showcase of you living your truth. To have your body be more, occupy more, serve more, embody more and have more health at every level.

Try the superhero stand and its effects (A Harvard Study). Fists on the waist, chest open, feet shoulder-width apart, and chin up a few degrees. Look diagonally up and smile. Feel powerful and be it. Start your day with this.

After all, you chose your body. The best thing you could wear in this lifetime. Make it work for you.


Aditi Nirvaan.

  1. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you
    make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it
    for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to design my own blog and would like to know where u
    got this from. thanks

  2. I like reading through a post that can make men and
    women think. Also, many thanks for allowing for me to comment!

    • Thank you so much! Hope you are well.

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