Want success? Shut your mouth

So you have a plan. Something you have been wanting to do for a while.

And as most of us are connected to so many people in our lives, there is a natural tendency to share it, especially with the ones we love the most – family and friends.


Just shut up about it. Anything to do with it.

Don’t let anyone have an inkling of it, that is if you truly want to see that plan or goal to fruition.

Here’s an observation and a well-known fact on years of psychological research. All best-made plans and goals once verbalized to others, get energetically manifested. Our energy to physically actualize it/create it/manifest it deters to a point that we get frustrated. It remains a mere dream.

So if I call myself a writer now, I am not one until I have some published work.

I am till then “dabbling in writing” which is also more energetically accurate. If I claim that I am a writer, then the creations that could have birthed through me will stall because I am now claiming to be published or recognized as a writer.

Meaning all my work is already out there in the universe, which it actually isn’t. So it gets stuck. I get stuck and well the energy is fizzled out.

If you want to lose weight, get on a diet, launch a new campaign, look for a romantic partner, get married to someone you love, or get a divorce, have kids, anything you can think of that involves you putting in place the following, do not tell ANYONE anything.

Does it involve:

  • Goals/Plans?
  • Putting in dedicated hours a day or week towards it?
  • Investing time, energy, money in it?
  • Using your creativity and structure to give it birth and shape it?
  • All of the above and more?

Research has found that when we share, we and the other person in agreement with us, have already given it birth, given it a reality. Now from a manifestation point of view or law of attraction point of view, some may argue that that’s a good thing. Well not exactly. Manifestation or law of attraction isn’t about you blabbering it to the world. It is about BEING a vibration that draws it into your life. That is actually what gives it physical reality vs energetic reality that comes from sharing it with someone.

Why would you want it to be only energetically existent somewhere out in the ethers?

Why not instead choose something that allows it to be physically viable and existent so you and all those thousands of people in your life can actually enjoy it?

Wouldn’t that be a far more productive and awesome time to actually share it?

My sense is to share it only under the following circumstances:

You want a partner to create something with. But then ask them to shut up too. Be very very aware of who they are. If they are not private enough, maybe, not partner with them, eh?

Someone is paying you lots of money to create for them. No sarcasm with this one. Totally valid point.

Other times could be…(heavy dose of sarcasm please)

You want your idea to be picked by others, and they get competitive with you, you out create each other. Please do this only if you like that sort of environment to work in. Else forget about it.

You want people varied opinions on what, how, why and when it would and would not work, so your original idea/plan/goal by the end is muddled up and leaving you confused. Sharing with others comes at this cost. You lose your purity of thought. The sacredness of it coming through you and choosing you as its medium.

You just don’t want to be successful at anything.

You like giving away ideas and plans for free.

So in a nutshell, if you truly desire to see your creations/ideas/goals/plans get physically created and become what they can truly fully become, please keep them to yourself. More than all of the above, it builds trust. You start to truly trust who you are, stop asking others for advice, stop running to others to save or rescue you and let you express yourself fully with no doubt.

Shut your mouth. Make that list and “Go create”.

If you want to know more about this and some other how to’s in life or just generally put down your barriers and talk to someone who does not judge you, reply me on this email for sessions.


Aditi Nirvaan

  1. Really motivational. We have to create our own path and in this path, we have to choose the right persons who will not judge us, on the contrary, will support us. And we also have to shut up until we do something.

    • Thank you so much! Hope you are well.

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